MTP Assemblies & Trunks

MTP/MPO patch cords are the connecting cables between distribution racks and equipment racks such as servers and switches. The compact design of the MTP/MPO connectors allows high-density connections between the network equipment. ZERO Connect provides MTP/MPO assemblies that are a cost-effective alternative to time-consuming field termination. With ZERO Connect’s ability to construct assemblies to specific lengths and configurations, the customer will not waste time with field terminations or need specially trained installers. ZERO Connect offers MPO/MTP assemblies in trunk configurations with MPO/MTP connectors on both ends and also in harness/breakout configurations with an MPO/MTP on one end with the other end broken out to LC connectors. ZERO Connect offers MPO/MTP assemblies in Singlemode and Multimode. MTP/MPO assemblies are built using reduced diameter fiber cable with multiple 250um 12 fiber sub units keeping the space requirements to a minimum.

Z Series

  • Multiple cable constructions available including 250um Data Center, 250um Loose Tube, Interlocking Armor, Armor, and Indoor/Outdoor
  • 900um, 2.0mm, and 3.0mm furcation as well as 2.0mm for Uniboot
  • Fiber Types including Singlemode, OM3, and OM4
  • Connector Options MTP/MPO, LC, LC/AP, LC Uniboot, SC, SC/APC
  • Pulling eyes available
  • Multiple packaging options
  • OFNP available
  • 100% tested and backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Standard construction and strand counts in stock for quick turn around
  • Custom staggers and leg lengths available
  • Industry standard pinning orientations per customer requirements