Harsh Environment Assemblies

​Zero Connect offers a wide range of products designed for industrial and harsh environment settings. These products provide customers with plug and play solutions for a wide variety of applications including: Small Cell Systems, Distributed Antenna Systems, Security/CCTV, Broadcast, Stadium/Large Public Venue, Industrial/Oil/Gas, and Wind Turbines. Zero Connect offers Cat5E, Cat6 and Cat6A solutions in various outdoor and industrial rated constructions. We offer products ranging from basic industrial grade indoor to Indoor/Outdoor rated double shielded 600V ruggedized cable. These products can be terminated with standard RJ45 plugs, ruggedized industrial RJ45 plugs, IP67 Rated RJ45 Plugs for waterproof or dust proof requirements, or with a basic cable gland to provide a dust and waterproof seal where the cables pass through an enclosure wall or equipment panel. Common uses for these ruggedized products are wind turbines, manufacturing plants, oil & gas refineries, mining environments, and security/CCTV in outdoor settings.

Zero Connect Copper Double Image