Harsh Environment Assemblies

Zero Connect offers a wide range of products designed for industrial and harsh environment settings. These products provide customers with plug and play solutions for a wide variety of applications including Small Cell Systems, Distributed Antenna Systems, Security/CCTV, Broadcast, Stadium/Large Public Venue, Industrial/Oil/Gas and Wind Turbines. These products are offered with outside plant, indoor/outdoor and armored fiber constructions designed for the rigorous outdoor or industrial settings. These products can be pre-terminated with IP67/IP68 rated connectors to create a dust proof and waterproof point of entry into enclosures at the base of cell towers and at the distribution enclosure at the top of the towers. The ruggedized connectors can also be used in a factory setting or anywhere dirt, dust, and chemicals need to be kept isolated from data equipment, cameras, or automated machines that fiber is being plugged into.

Zero Connect Beige Box
Zero Connect Harsh Tower